Monday Nov 19, 2018

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24/7 Service Provider Software


Experience, Support and Value

The 24/7 Service Platform was designed and created from the service provider point of view. Our simple to learn, comprehensive, full featured software is fast, secure and accurate.

Payroll Features

MICR Encoding for blank check stock
Prints on pre-printed QB checks
Link garnishments to 3rd party checks
Auto pay the last payroll
Unlimited pay codes & deductions
Import CSV master & payroll data
Import Time & Attendance
Export to Quick Books™
Billing, automatic debit of fees
Password protect options at both
the software and company level
Integration for benefits and
Worker’s Comp “pay as you go”

Electronic Funds Transfer & e-File

EFTPS Batch filing for federal deposits
ACH files for 3rd party tax depositing
ACH NACHA employee direct deposit
E-File Federal & Mandatory States

Payroll Reports

Checks, reports & forms stored as PDF
Paperless Payroll
Customize your client’s report package
Email reports & stubs automatically
to both client and 3rd party
Fiscal reporting for most reports
General Ledger & Worker’s Comp.
Service Bureau activity reports to
effectively manage your service

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User’s Forum

Monthly Email

ACA Compliant

Paid Sick Leave

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